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From product introduction to user experience, each device is no longer just high quality and more user-friendly. We provide you with a comfortable service environment to explain your feelings of homecoming and help you stay in good condition and give you a distinguished personal experience.

  Service philosophy

Integrity first, quality first, customer first, service first

1. Professional: Only professional ones can be relied on! We not only pay attention to the quality of our products, but also pay attention to perfect after-sales service.

2, fast: network, digital, commercial era, requires our employees can only be faster, higher, stronger, otherwise it will not talk about good service.

3, peace of mind guarantee: We are committed to the research and development of product stability and durability, to give you good defense and excellent service.

4. Online professional technical support services and telephone technical support services: further extending our service commitment to ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Satisfaction: While we continue to improve the quality of our services, we pay more attention to customer satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our driving force.

  Service Description

1. Each service staff adheres to the principle of performing after-sales tasks and is willing to accept the supervision of the customer.

2. The after-sales service personnel are in a hurry to meet the requirements of the customer, complete the service tasks in strict accordance with the requirements of the customers, seriously answer the questions raised by the customers, and actively provide various solutions for customers to choose and achieve customer satisfaction.

3. Register the customer's suggestions and complaints one by one and deal with them carefully. Respond to customers in a short time. If the customer is not satisfied, continue to take measures or report the superior treatment until the customer is satisfied. And the accused person was criticized and educated, and the serious one was punished, and ordered to apologize to the customer.

4. Regularly return to the customer and accept the opinions and suggestions of the customer humbly as a basis for improving the work and continuously improve the service quality.


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