12000L-fermenter beer fermentation tank


SUS304 thickness: inner thickness: 4.0mm, outer 2mm frosted plate;

Polyurethane insulation layer thickness of 100mm (including cylinder and upper and lower head);

Double layer top seal;

Plate protection, weld sand - throwing strip;

Polishing accuracy Ra0.4 is required for all parts in contact with production materials;

Upper flange manhole door;

Cone at 75°, pressure resistant design, stainless steel spiral coil cooling, heat exchange area: 11㎡;

Pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, sampling valve, vent valve, ice water control valve, washing ball; Automatic control of temperature and pressure;

Tank top components: no dead Angle self-cleaning design, with breathing valve, internal all-round cleaning ball;

Tank bottom assembly: H tube no dead Angle design, can realize closed cycle sterilization;

Sampling method: sterile sampling valve 1 piece, welded type;

Feeding mode: wort enters through the bottom of fermentation tank, yeast enters through the bottom of fermentation tank;

Discharging mode: the bottom discharging assembly, beer/sewage outlet are all on the bottom assembly .

Yeast and impurity are discharged via drain outlet ;

Working pressure ≤ 0.2mpa, design pressure 0.3mpa.