How to start a 500L brewery

  • Brew house
  • Malt milling machine
  • Fermenter
  • Refrigerator and glycol water tank
  • PID control cabinet (PLC optional)
  • CIP device
  • Semi automatic bottle rinsing filling capping machine
  • Keg filler

Required supporting facilities :

  1. Water source ,power supply (thress phases),gas (if choose gas type steam generator),CO2 etc.

  2. 20~30 square meters house space ,height ≥ 2500mm.

  3. Gutterway is necessary 

Process equipment list :

  1. Malt milling machine :

    200KG/H malt milling machine, material :carbon steel or stainless steel .

  2. Brewhouse :

    Mash lauter tank :φ1160*2150mm (customizable)

    Kettle whirlpool tank :φ1160*2150mm (customizable)

    Configuration (1). Mash lauter tank ,Kettle whirlpool tank ,Hot water tank ; 

    Configuration (2). Mash tank,Lauter tank,Kettle whirlpool tank; 

    Configuration (3). Mash tank (also used as wort kettle), Separated Lauter space (upper) and Whirlpool space (lower) in one tank.

    Heating method : electrical or gas type steam generator

    Stainless steel material brew house pipelines

  3. Feremetation system :

    Fermenter tank :φ1060*2200mm (customizable)

    500L or 1000L jacketed cone fermenter ,the capacity and quantity are customizable 

    Brite tank is optional to get stable beer source for bottling/canning machine.

  4. Cooling system :

    5HP or 8HP refrigerator depending fermentation tank's capacity and quantity .

    1000L or bigger glycol water tank as support for cooling system 

    PPR or stainless steel material cooling pipeline

  5. Control cabinet :

    PID or PLC control cabinet(s) for brewhouse and fermentation with cooling system.

  6. Mobile CIP device :

    50L alkaline water tank (electrical heating ), 50L disinfection water tank ,CIP pump ,control box ,mobile cart etc.

  7. Filling machine : 

     Bottling or canning or kegging or tapping machine are optional .