5HL-10HL-15HL-20HL-beer-fermentation-tank customizable


-Inner cylinder thickness :SUS304 , 3 mm;

-Outer cylinder SUS 304, thickness is 2mm;

-Dimple cooling jacketed;

-Base cone angle :60 degree;

-Using polyurethane insulation, the thickness is 80mm;

-At the bottom there is an wort port ;

-Rotation sampling and the beer opening at the lower part of the tank; 

-At the top section, there is a 360-degree exhaust and CIP port,

-0.3MPa safety valve,

-Pt100-platinum resistance temperature measurement, temperature range - 10 ~ 150 ℃;

-Side man door;

-The CIP tube is equipped with a carbon dioxide release valve;

-Four support legs ,the height is adjustable.