Tunnel Pasteurizer is widely used in beer factory to sterilize the beer with the bottle or cans. It is also called water spraying type bottle warming/cooling machine. Different from directly heating type flash sterilizing machine, this series Tunnel Pasteurizer could sterilize liquid product together with its package  It can kill all bacteria which possible exists in liquid product or package. Liquid product and its package are heated to sterilizing temperature, keep this temperature for a certain time, and then drop temperature to surrounding temperature by spraying cool water onto package.

Main technical parameters:

Total capacity:2000 bottles /hr

(1)Quantity of Temp area: 3

(3) Final temperature outlet the machine: 20~35℃ (it can be changed according customer’s situation)

(4)Width of mesh belt: 2000mm

(5)Total power of motors: 18.75kw

Power of speed reducer on mesh-belt conveyor: 1.5kw

Power of speed reducer on can input conveyor: 0.37kw

Power of speed reducer on can output conveyor: 0.37kw

Power of centrifugal pumps (8sets): 0.55×8=4.4kw

(5)Net weight of the machine: about 3000kg

(6)Overall dimensions: 6000×2000×1600mm